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Never write in all capital letters, which translates as shouting. Keep Your Letter Simple Your letter will be more effective if you address a single topic or issue rather than a variety of issues you may feel passionate about.

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Your next best bet for expressing your opinion is a formal letter, then a phone call to their office. While you are certainly free to express your frustration or disappointment, be polite. Generally, you should keep your letter to one page. They provide a free, safe and education-oriented place for children to learn while their parents can work more hours. We understand that everyone has had to make adjustments post-recession. Search Sample Letter To A Senator The following letter can be easily cut and pasted into a word processor or email program for editing. Use specific statistics, numbers, or examples. You can write something like this: Re: H.

Sample Letters These sample letters cover a variety of situations under which you might write your representatives. Indicate the specific action that you would like the representative to take, and by when if applicable.

sample letter to representative

That is not always an option though. If there is a particular reason such as professional or personal credentials or experience that you are qualified to address the topic you are writing about, say so. By then, it could be too late for your voice to make a difference.

Writing your name and address in the upper right corner of the page will help as well.

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Faxing seems so outdated, so why do we recommend it? Provide more detail.

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Other aspects of this same issue that affect my student, profession, child are describe briefly and secondary concerns and supporting situations, reasons, examples, etc. Congress pay little or no attention to constituent mail are just plain wrong. Robert Longley is a U. You can write something like this: Re: H. You can write a fax in paragraph form so, unlike a phone call, you get across all of your thoughts. For Senators, a constituent is anybody in their state. Concise, well thought out personal letters are one of the most effective ways Americans have of influencing the lawmakers they elect. Remain professional and courteous. Use normal sized font and color and stick with Times New Roman or Arial to make it easy to read. Instead, write a personal letter, from your heart. Your story will simply help personalize the issue for a congressman who may have no direct experience with the problems of a particular group or demographic. By Stacie Heaps Professional Writer and Editor Writing a personal letter to your representatives in Congress is an effective way to let your voice be heard. Search Sample Letter To A Senator The following letter can be easily cut and pasted into a word processor or email program for editing.

Finding Your Legislator's Address There are a few ways that you can find the addresses of all of your representatives in Congress. Try not to contact excessively within a short time frame.

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Instead, write a personal letter, from your heart. You can request, but do not demand, a response to your letter. Nonetheless, congressional leaders are incredibly busy, so take the time and put forth the effort to make your letter well-written and powerful.

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Be factual and not emotional. These could include your education, work history, research, and positions held that lend you credibility on the subject. Letters by mail can spend weeks in a universal receiving department being carefully screened and sorted. Studies continue to show that those who attend preschool demonstrate improvement in long term test scores and important development in language, literacy, mathematics and social skills. Check here to read our article on how to send a fax near you. These committees are made up of congress members and have a chair and several sitting members. Start with the date in the upper left hand corner of the page. While email is convenient and quick, it may not have the same influence as the other, more traditional, routes. Another effect of this bill is the complete lack of funding for public preschool programs. Make your letter personal. It also helps personalize your letter.
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How to Write Effective Letters to Congress