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It's never been all about money for Oprah. Instead wishing for luck, think about what opportunity you would most like to receive in your life.

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It's normal for nimble startups to test and adapt first ideas based on audience feedback. Be willing to do what it takes. Ten years later, she was the host of The Oprah Winfrey Show — the number-one daytime talk show in America. Manage relationships: Relationship building is the core of the Winfrey leadership — her TV success hinges on her ability to connect.

The biggest thing she did for me was show me that I could do it too. We take on the habits, attitudes, and tastes of the people we spend our time with. She soon made the switch to doing talk shows, hosting the local People Are Talking. What most people think of as failure, Winfrey considers to be a new perspective, a new lesson, another stepping stone to her destination.

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Her abilities as a female entrepreneur are what inspired me to leave the confines of corporate America and start my own consulting company focused on helping women succeed in their careers.

But life and business teach a different lesson. It's simply too easy to fall and too hard to win.

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Under her watch, it went from last to first in the ratings. In addition, the site features Live Your Best Life, a multimedia section highlighting Oprah's personal stories, life lessons, and an interactive workbook. The odds are good that Winfrey has what it takes to succeed as a serial entrepreneur. Make sure you manage relationships carefully, building and maintaining ties with customers, mentors and allies. Everything that Oprah says, creates, or lends her name to, she owns. Winfrey was devastated, knowing how important a good head of hair is for a news anchor. Her companion, Stedman Graham, is a prominent management and marketing consultant with two best-selling books to his name. I get to set my own hours, call the shots, and contribute to my family. Goudreau notes that Winfrey built her empire step by step — using her television show to found a production company and then diversifying into print, radio and online media businesses and launching a high-profile charitable foundation.

Here are five teachable moments to help you startup and persevere with confidence.

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5 Lessons From Oprah's 'Startup'