What is the exact size of the image file you created in bytes

The finer the detail, the less the compression. For example, a x pixel bit color image 3 bytes per pixel requires 9. Check Resample Image if you want to change the pixel count-- to resize the image.

If the image has been saved with compression then you notice that the save image has a much smaller file size than what it was when it was open.

You may then crop the image to reduce the file size, or use interpolation to increase the file size.

Image size calculator

The Width and Height attributes are ignored. Even printing 5x7 inches only needs x pixels. For instance, an image sized at x pixels has an aspect ratio of , and an image sized at x pixels also has a ratio of And to some extent, the degree of image scene detail also affects compression degree. The kind of mailbox size or. The picture below has too few pixels and so have resized to the point where the pixels are larger than the monitor dots and the image looks either bad, or even useless as in the 12 x 8 pixels image. File sizes might vary over a range due to extreme scene detail differences. The image on the right is used as to illustrate compression. Fortunately, it has a preview button so you can see the impact of your compression. This is much the same way that if someone asked you the distance between Abuja and Lagos it would be easier to answer, ' kilometers'. In some cases drastically smaller, and maybe the What could we do to reduce the image file size?

Therefore quantity helps, but also the size and depth of each pixel determine the quality. The more important the image, the more you need to think this out. Irfanview is a great free utility that can read and write image files in almost any format.

To summarise, thinking early on about making a file of a size that is easy to transmit and convenient for the recipient can save lots of people lots of time and storage later on. The best solution is to do the scan again at the correct size. But each copy is made up of a different number of pixels which just expand in size to fit the image size.

Figure 13 The image opened in Photoshop A much easier way is to simply open the image in Photoshop The Width and Height attributes are ignored.

how to calculate image size from resolution
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Resolution and File Size