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Fukui, S. It is not difficult to see that in the modern world the sense of justice has been reawakening on a vast scale; and without doubt this emphasizes that which goes against justice in relationships between individuals, social groups and "classes," between individual peoples and states, and finally between whole political systems, indeed between what are called "worlds. Like any other truth, scientific truth is, in fact, answerable only to itself and to the supreme Truth, God, the creator of man and of all things'. We have to refer back to it in order that the mercy revealed by Christ may shine forth more clearly. German Wehrmacht officers tended to him and sent him to a hospital. The principle of solidarity, in a wide sense, must inspire the effective search for appropriate institutions and mechanisms, whether in the sector of trade, where the laws of healthy competition must be allowed to lead the way, or on the level of a wider and more immediate redistribution of riches and of control over them, in order that the economically developing peoples may be able not only to satisfy their essential needs but also to advance gradually and effectively. And what struck me about some of them was their Polish patriotism.

He is newly created! During the visit the Pope said that Muslims and Christians should be in "respectful dialogue, nevermore as communities in conflict". And has he not gone to death with people condemned for the sake of the truth?

Man therefore lives increasingly in fear.

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Ut Unum Sint, 61 Hopes of reunion with the Orthodox churches - estranged from Rome for a thousand years - remained remote, despite papal visits to Romania and Georgia, Greece and Ukraine. In fulfilling this mission, we look towards Christ himself, the first evangelizer 79 , and also towards his Apostles, martyrs and confessors. Moreover, one cannot fail to be worried by the decline of many fundamental values, which constitute an unquestionable good not only for Christian morality but simply for human morality, for moral culture: these values include respect for human life from the moment of conception, respect for marriage in its indissoluble unity, and respect for the stability of the family. Through the Incarnation God gave human life the dimension that he intended man to have from his first beginning; he has granted that dimension definitively-in the way that is peculiar to him alone, in keeping with his eternal love and mercy, with the full freedom of God-and he has granted it also with the bounty that enables us, in considering the original sin and the whole history of the sins of humanity, and in considering the errors of the human intellect, will and heart, to repeat with amazement the words of the Sacred Liturgy: "O happy fault The parable of the prodigal son expresses in a simple but profound way the reality of conversion. This kind of abuse of the idea of justice and the practical distortion of it show how far human action can deviate from justice itself, even when it is being undertaken in the name of justice. In the same spirit, the liturgy of Eastertide places on our lips the words of the Psalm: Misericordias Domini in aeternum cantabo. Venerable Brothers and dear sons and daughters, greetings and the apostolic blessing.

It is precisely then that the words pronounced in the Upper Room are completely fulfilled: "He who has seen me has seen the Father. Both religious groups, Catholics and Jews, were united, I presume, by the awareness that they prayed to the same God. The Ecumenical Council gave a fundamental impulse to forming the Church's self-awareness by so adequately and competently presenting to us a view of the terrestrial globe as a map of various religions.

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The most direct association which comes to mind is the abortion laws He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord. The Pope went on to recall the harmony which exists between science and faith. And it is with this decision that he sets out. I give all my support to this task, which will be able to honour the truth of faith and of science and open the door to future collaboration We must all share in this mission and concentrate all our forces on it, since it is more necessary than ever for modern mankind. This means that scientists should exercise wisdom when making concrete use of their scientific discoveries. Man cannot relinquish himself or the place in the visible world that belongs to him; he cannot become the slave of things, the slave of economic systems, the slave of production, the slave of his own products. These words contain both a fundamental requirement and a warning: the requirement of an honest relationship with regard to truth as a condition for authentic freedom, and the warning to avoid every kind of illusory freedom, every superficial unilateral freedom, every freedom that fails to enter into the whole truth about man and the world. It is in a way the fulfilment of the "destiny" that God has prepared for him from eternity. Since this man is the way for the Church, the way for her daily life and experience, for her mission and toil, the Church of today must be aware in an always new manner of man's "situation". Not only does He speak of it and explain it by the use of comparisons and parables, but above all He Himself makes it incarnate and personifies it. He believed that he should work for a new era of reconciliation and peace between Jews and Christians, and he pledged March that the Catholic Church would do everything possible to ensure that it was not just a dream but a reality. His visit to the Umayyad mosque in Damascus in broke new ground as a symbol of harmony between Christianity and Islam.

The extraordinary progress made in the field of information and data processing, for instance, will increase man's creative capacity and provide access to the intellectual and cultural riches of other peoples. Man's creative activity, his intelligence and his work, have brought about profound changes both in the field of science and technology and in that of social and cultural life.

His decision is taken in full consciousness of what he has deserved and of what he can still have a right to in accordance with the norms of justice. They must be open to discussions, with the whole of humanity, on the problems that assail people today as they face the next millennium'.

Both physical evil and moral evil, namely sin, cause the sons and daughters of Israel to turn to the Lord and beseech His mercy.

dives in misericordia

Since, therefore, in the present phase of the Church's history we put before ourselves as our primary task the implementation of the doctrine of the great Council, we must act upon this principle with faith, with an open mind and with all our heart. God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth" Has this process been decisively curbed?

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