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I wish I never took the course. CONS: As most students have mentioned, some of the instructors are a bit disengaged.

The textbooks for the courses I took were not too expensive and I was able to rent or purchase them on Amazon. AVOID this place. The self-selected learning modules offer nothing that I hadn't already learned in my credential courses, and much of the information provided about SPED and other specific populations is inaccurate and out of date.

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They actually teach. For more information, contact:.

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I hope that I get into the class for which I was wait listed. So it would have taken me 3 years part time. I'm not so sure about the in-person classes but the online courses are terrible - avoid avoid avoid! Search for:. The online courses are more expensive than taking the same course on campus. UCLA Extension did not provide us with the enrollment code until a couple of days before the enrollment deadline, and there has been very little communication about the process throughout. I will just eat this Times that I have attempted to communicate my frustration with the instructor are ignored except for one time when I made a light [and relevant] joke on a discussion board and was chastised for not taking the ridiculous process seriously. Though my homework was within the written instruction guidelines for how many pages it should be, she said it fell within the lower side of the range, e. Factored into promotion. The instructor also encouraged me to keep writing — to finish my novel and make it the best I can.

There were no reasons to deal with either the program rep or the program manager until recently, which I am incredibly sorry I had. If I was paying out of pocket I'd be furious; my company offers tuition reimbursement so it hasn't cost me anything to find out the poor quality of this program.

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I got an A in the class and ended up actually learning some new stuff. Student advisers are on hand to provide guidance for all current or new certificate program students.

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You can eat or stress shop after a big project is due. CONS: As most students have mentioned, some of the instructors are a bit disengaged. Certificate graduates are honored in an annual ceremony on the UCLA campus. This offer is valid for up to 6 months after the certificate completion date. This course is only offered online, so there are no options for in-person instruction or meeting. Haven't found a job in relation to the field. I got an A in the class and ended up actually learning some new stuff. She said I had to make it within the middle of the range of the page count in the instructions, though this is not what the instructions said. The classes are challenging and teachers are responsive, personal and great. Email or call us at And it also gave the students all that was needed, in terms of credits, to sit for the CPA exam. I wish there were a bit more transparency about some of the instructors Therefore, I did the assignment three times, since she kept rejecting it. In any program, this is a bummer of a process. She said she had only once optioned one though that option had lapsed.
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