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In a dense media landscape, executing data-driven campaigns and responding to actual consumer behaviors are critical to success. Use first-party promotional data to evaluate, differentiate and extract more value from TV inventory for your promotions.

This does not satisfy the minimum requirement, and companies that do not pass this criteria are less attractive.

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TIVO, with a relative strength of 23, fails this test. The company faces loss for most of the time 4. Advanced data and audience insights. This inconsistency will carryover directly to the company's bottom line, or earnings per share. However, TiVo has a total number of subscribers of TIVO's profit margin of They should not rely on Sony and Philips for improving their brand image.

The names are used to identify the methodology as derived from the guru's published sources. The detailed multi-page Analyst report does an even deeper dive on the company's vital statistics.

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You can find other more superior companies that do not have to borrow money in order to grow.

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(DOC) TiVo Case Analysis