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Helms, M. The illegal dealers sell Apple counterfeit products at the same value as an original Apple product. Consumers were upset and baffled when Apple announced that it deliberately throttles CPU performance on iPhone models with older and degraded batteries. This was the biggest decline of any major smartphone maker during the period. Top Technology — Apple was the first to introduce some of the most innovative products that have changed the world iPhones, iPads. Google Nasdaq: GOOG is moving into Apple's smartphone space by giving away the operating system, and it has announced that it will also be moving into the TV space. Threats: Big ideas are easy to copy. Utilize Artificial intelligence — To increase its profit margins and have a strong market position, Apple should utilize artificial intelligence. In other words, it creates a competitive advantage no other company can match. Bernroider, E. These strengths are internal factors specific to the conditions within the business organization. Access the full analysis Threats are external factors that limit or reduce the financial performance of businesses. So Apple has to depend on its leadership and employees being so far ahead of the curve that the slower release schedule still results in Apple leading the market. Though, the majority, is still struggling to understand why exactly Apple revolutionized the mobile tech market.

Visionary and charismatic. In addition, because of its premium pricing strategy, the company has the weakness of the dependence of sales on high-end market segments.

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Jobs was behind the core products that continue to drive revenue at Apple, whereas the major post-Jobs release, the Apple Watch, has yet to impress. In other words, it creates a competitive advantage no other company can match.

References [1] Badenhausen, K. Apple can generate higher revenue and sales if it focused on creating an expansive distribution network.

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However, with further innovation, the company can develop and introduce new products, like what it has already achieved with the Apple Watch. Piercy, N. Not shareholder-friendly.

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Apple’s Key Weaknesses