The mother of science by a j bahm

The effect of the scientific ordering to a human activity is to produce detachment from the individual experience, the effect of the humanistic ordering, on the other hand, is to encourage involvement.

Bahm Summary Philosophy functions as a comprehensive science in three ways. From this scientific attitude, the modern world has developed. People believed that man is a part of nature as a stone, as a cactus as a camel is.

The mother of science by a j bahm

As the mother of the sciences, philosophy has had a long and interesting history. One of the major differences is that humanities deals with emotional matters and invoke the same response but this is not the case with the Science.

The scientist wants to use a language that conveys a limited, intended sense and if he finds the common language inadequate, he coins new jargons to express the clear and pure meaning and meet his purpose.

But it is sure that it has changed the face of the world. The philosophy, thus, aims at comparing assumptions and conclusions.

the aims of science and the humanities by m.e. prior summary

Both Science and Humanities share the delight of creation and beauty. Gradually, the particular sciences were born. They maintain and point out their uniqueness.

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the aims of science and humanities moody e. prior