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After data is collected, it has to undergo post-processing. Figures are intended as a guide only. From onwards my involvement in seabed survey planning, design and management steadily increased and soon became my main activity. Is a different education required? Onshore work is generally 9am to 5pm, though hours may be longer if particular problems arise. Such surveys commonly are conducted by national organizations or under their supervision or the standards they have approved, particularly when the use is for the purposes of chart making and distribution or the dredging of state-controlled waters. Heck played a prominent role in developing and perfecting the technique between and A general observation here: the more detailed and reliable such seabed documentation is, the more optimised construction design and operations can be, thereby positively effecting construction safety as well as total project cost! A Hydrographic Surveyor needs to have full and complete knowledge about the equipments that he is required to use for the purpose of conducting a hydrographic survey. Companies, universities, and investment groups will often fund hydrographic surveys of public waterways prior to developing areas adjacent those waterways. Offshore work tends to be continuous from April to October, with only a slight slackening in the winter months due to the weather conditions. Allowances can boost annual salaries significantly. The following subjects may be particularly useful: computer science or software engineering engineering or civil engineering. What is its position within the oil and gas producing companies?

Hydrographers also known as hydrographic surveyors use state-of-the-art technology to produce detailed plans of seabeds, harbours and waterways showing depths, shapes and contours. Is Statoil a nationally or internationally orientated company?

For example, salaries are likely to be higher with oil and gas and dredging companies than with environmental research companies.

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A comparison of crowd-sourced surveys with multibeam surveys indicates an accuracy of crowd-sourced surveys of around plus or minus 0. Can you inform our readers on the position of hydrography within Statoil?

Very soon, however, more detailed information is required; for example, water depths beyond that required for nautical navigation convenience and security. A probable future requirement will be for the provision of deep-water seabed data with the same precision and spatial resolution as is achievable today at lesser depths, e.

Nevertheless, the results are often more than adequate for many requirements where high resolution, high accuracy surveys are not required or are unaffordable.

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