The dependence of frisbee trajectory on roll of launch

Keeping the disc parallel to the ground, any tilt and it will fall cock your wrist back so your thumb is pointing as far back as you can. Scoober[ edit ] Another upside-down variant of the forehand, the scoober also known as the "Spoon pass" or Hiawatha is similar to a hammer, but thrown over the left shoulder for a right-handed thrower instead of over the head.

With known aerodynamic coefficients, the flight trajectory can then be simulated for any given set of initial conditions. The experimental flight data was collected by placing markers on a frisbee and using a 3-D motion analysis system to track the trajectory of an 18 meter flight.

mechanics of frisbee throwing

In order to be thrown flat so that it will travel without curving, the middle finger is pulled in to the edge of the disc with the index finger and the outer edge of the disc is rotated down, so that the disc lies at a slight angle to the line of the knuckles. What is a Proper Lady? Grip: Identical to a forehand or hammer.

A flat release is critical to a successful thumber. We found it necessary to use data from several flights containing trajectory information over a wide range of a to yield accurate coefficient estimates. After release, the flat part of the thumb should point towards the target. High speed Hz video kinematic data acquisition cameras and standard DLT techniques were used to record the xyz locations of the three markers on the Frisbee during multiple flights between 2 and 20 meters in length.

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The Aerodynamics Behind Throwing a Frisbee by George Calderon on Prezi