The deadliest tsunami in history

They are most prevalent in the Pacific.

2004 tsunami

This was no ordinary earthquake, but was one that, due to its location in the ocean, would create a series of the most devastating tsunamis in modern history, destroying massive portions of the Indian Ocean coastline and leaving 14 countries devastated in its wake.

In the process, massive segments of the ocean floor were forced upward an estimated 30 or 40 meters up to feet.

Greatest tsunami in the world

The river that ran through the city was almost unrecognizable due to the immense flooding that had occurred. North Pacific Coast, Japan — 11 March A powerful tsunami travelling km per hour with 10m-high waves swept over the east coast of Japan, killing more than 18, people. Millions more were left homeless. She warned her family and they saved themselves. Multiple waves as high as 37 m were propagated by the violent eruptions and demolished the towns of Anjer and Merak. Reports quoted survivors saying they could not run away fast enough, although many people did manage to escape. Most Read. Waves reached a height of 1, feet meters in the bay, but because the area is relatively isolated and in a unique geologic setting the tsunami did not cause much damage elsewhere. Boats were washed into the city center. On the facing coasts of Java and Sumatra the sea flood went many miles inland and caused such loss of life [44] that one area was never resettled, reverting to jungle and is now the Ujung Kulon nature reserve. Survivors who knew it meant trouble reported how they ran for high ground, rounded up family and friends, and tried to warn people who were drawn to the water's edge. The tsunami killed about 50, people in other countries, bringing the total fatalities to approximately ,, making it one of the worst natural disasters in human history.

Some people did not know this on December The waves pounded several countries around the Indian Ocean, killing more thanin Indonesia alone, the vast majority in Aceh province.

Survivors of the Indian Ocean tsunami reported that the sea surged out as fast and as powerfully as it came ashore.

List of tsunamis in the last 10 years

The shock probably occurred between the islands of Saint Thomas and Saint Croix. In its wake, the daunting waves left only disrepair and ruin, along with lessons for how to recover from such a hopeless situation and prevent it from happening again. The quake was named the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake, and the tsunami has become known as the Indian Ocean tsunami. A tsunami then claimed 46 additional lives. Once the first wave had gone, they thought it was safe to go down to the beach. Image Credit: AFP Jakarta: Scores of people have been killed after a powerful quake sparked a tsunami with waves as high as 1. June 15, Waves as high as feet 30 meters , spawned by an earthquake, swept the east coast of Japan. Many countries are at risk. On the morning of December 26, , an underwater earthquake with a magnitude of at least 9.

Tsunamis have been relatively rare in the Indian Ocean, at least in human memory. The death toll was betweenand ,; 70, of those in Messina alone.

most recent tsunamis

The tsunami was reported at Shirahama to have reached a height of Some survived; others succumbed or disappeared.

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The Deadliest Tsunamis in History