The balloon man

After Sherlock had a look around, he saw two bedrooms: one with a just ratty old mattress and stained sheets and another with a king-sized bed, lamp, TV, etc.

Adam told them that he was forced to help by Abbott, and he wishes he hadn't. He finds the wallet, confirming her story, but she escapes the handcuffs, drops them down the manhole at Gordon's feet, and waves a jaunty goodbye, before taking off.

Ratings[ edit ] The pilot was watched by 6. Adam was offered an immunity deal, where he would be unable to be processed for any crimes he committed "in consort" i.

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Gordon guesses that Cranston managed to search Lamond's pockets before he was attached to the weather balloon. He kidnapped Daniel and kept him alive for one day before killing him. Montoya trying to convince Barbara of Jim's crimes Bullock checks with some contacts of his among Gotham prostitutes, who mention that Smikers has a secret weakness for being dominated by big, strong women.

Bruce says he is looking for clues to his parents' murder. At Bamonte's, Cobblepot is working as a dishwasher in the kitchen, and watches as the manager enthusiastically welcomes Don Salvatore Maronithe leader of Gotham's second-most powerful crime family and Falcone's chief competitor.

Arriving at a facility, Gordon and Bullock ambush him. Gordon replies that if they fit the profile of the two previous victims Danzer and Cranstonthen they will be prominent public figures who are outwardly respectable but known to be corrupt.

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Bruce says he is looking for clues to his parents' murder. In , he started working as The Balloon Man, finding targets through Samuel's job as an exterminator. Sure enough, a middle-aged woman is walking her dog and looks up just in time to see Cranston's body plummet onto her head, killing her. Montoya admits she still has feelings for Barbara and attempts to kiss her, but Barbara asks her to leave. He is skeptical at first, saying the details she is reciting were all over the news, but she says she can prove that she was in the alley, since she had just robbed a man of his wallet. He asked Sherlock if he was there to kill him, which he found exciting, and left to brush his teeth and announce he would not be in the city for much longer. As Barbara comforts Jim, there is a knock at the door. The man says Mooney will pay generously for his hide, and wonders aloud at Cobblepot's stupidity at coming back to Gotham at all. He admits that he has seen this corruption fester in Gotham for years, but he finally snapped when Mayor James corruptly used the recent abductions of homeless children as an excuse to lock up street children in juvenile prison without trial. Gordon apprehends Smikers quickly, while the woman throws Bullock around the room and is about to kill him before Gordon points his gun and she freezes. In a more dangerous tone, Maroni asks whether the names that he heard, "Arkham" and "Falcone" mean anything to him, and Cobblepot denies hearing anything at all. He kept her alive for half a day before killing her. Gordon leans over him and asks him who his last intended victim was. During their swordplay, the file pertaining to the investigation of the Wayne murder falls open and Alfred asks why Bruce would want to see such terrible images. Alfred is silent.

A breaking news report on a nearby TV reports that a businessman Ronald Danzer Jack Koenigis out on bail awaiting trial for a Ponzi scheme bilked a half a billion dollars. Initially, Adam refused to speak with anyone, giving the vibe that he was actually a victim and not the actual Balloon Man.

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The Balloon Man, English Poems, Poem by Rose Fyleman