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The elder boy Neerad is taking piano lessons and younger daughter Deeya is training in music, when she is not playing mischief with Neerad.

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His effortless delivery of comic punches in this domestic comedy brought him fame and critical acclaim. The play has 8 songs and Sumeet has worked very hard to get all the melodies right.

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Sumeet is a complete family man who plays with his children when he is not shooting- a little too much if Chinmayee is to be believed! Vasantrao Kulkarni and later from the well known singer Shri.

In he took a daring decision to take a break from television, where he felt the creativity glaringly missing from the scripts, to go back to stage. The major difference being that we will play to the strength of material: the stand-up routine and go less heavy on the Gagsand focus on really entertaining and funny conversations for the Interview segment.

One of his novels, The Prayer, will be converted into an international movie, ahead of its publication as a fictional book. He came to Marathi films a little late.

Suresh Wadkar. Abhigyan Jha : the man behind Jay Hind! Sumeet feels that with the advent of smaller meaningful movie projects, his kind of actors are sure to find their own space.

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His versatility is further evident from the fact that he has worked in both Hindi and Marathi languages! Based on an incident of reincarnation that he experienced, the story led Zee Television to convert it into an episodic primetime television series called Tum Bin Jaoon Kahan, which aired on India's national television in

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