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Following are a few that you may want to investigate: Note: See Jakob Nielsens useit.

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This enables developers to design applications that are more responsive to user demands, faster, and more easily controlled. Many people argue that in addition to these challenges, consumers expect these devices to exhibit high levels of reliability and availability and so this posses additional challenges for software testers.

Since this technique is based on graph theory then, given the ready availability of a number of graph algorithms, one could implement a variety of tools that may be useful to a tester.

Quality assurance research papers

They focus on delivering executable code quickly and view people as the strongest ingredient of software development. Copyright Authors of articles published in Journal of Software Engineering Research and Development retain the copyright of their articles and are free to reproduce and disseminate their work for further details, see the copyright and license agreement. In particular, we are interested in new methods, experiences, best practices, etc. Remember that the first presentations will be scheduled on week 9 i. Cleanroom Software Development: A principal objective of the Cleanroom process is the development of software that exhibits zero failures in use. Because articles are not printed, they do not have page numbers; instead, they are given a unique article number. Possible topics include but are not limited to : Risk-oriented testing, security testing, performance testing, scalability testing for IoT devices and solutions Quality assurance and certification for IoT devices and solutions Simulation and testing of large-scale IoT deployments IoT test platforms and tools Common Paper submission information The scientific program of SWQD accepts two categories of conference submissions. The phrase "Fitness for Use" is often used to describe Software Quality. A slightly more involved implementation would involve using the depth-first search algorithm to determine the connected components of the graph.

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Of course, many other implementations could be attempted. How is it different from Software Engineering? What is the Cleanroom process? Concurrent Systems: Testing concurrent systems poses challenges not faced by testers of sequential systems. Reports on industrial applications are particularly welcome.

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Software Engineering Research Paper