Similarities and differences between confucianism in

compare and contrast buddhism and confucianism essay

Both stressed the value and importance of ideals and portrayed the ideal state in the midst of various prevailing governments which were far from perfect. Is it wise and beneficial?

The main idea of education for both Confucius and Socrates was virtue and self-improvement. The specific virtues they discussed are again amazingly similar. Although they both were humanistic in their concern to help people improve themselves, they both based their purpose on faith in a higher power.

Socrates claims he never accepted money; but either he must have accepted minimal gifts to live on or he had an independent income, because he spent all his days in conversation.

This sense of their mission and divine-appointed destiny must have strengthened their purpose considerably. Although it may seem weird, it does explain the phenomena of consciousness which is active, alive, vitalizing, and most important here, which can learn.

The section in the middle is for the characteristics that the two objects have in common.

Similarities between confucianism and buddhism

They first worked on improving themselves and then worked to assist others toward a better life. Their cheerfulness, enthusiasm, and humor gave the discussions a positive feeling that was uplifting. Han China B. Both have made an equal effect on the culture of each empire by influencing people to change their belief on the world. You may choose one of the 3 options presented above. Content and Topics Confucius and Socrates relied on others to provide the traditional education which involved reading and writing, music, and physical training or sports. Although the definition that virtue is the ability to attain what is good seems to have been refuted by Socrates in the Meno, his argument can be shown to be fallacious. Vaishyas were the common people in Indian society, and were either merchants or trading people. To effectively guide your reader through your points, you have to be very mindful of the language you use. What is the structure of compare and contrast essay on Taoism and Confucianism? This is what Confucius and Socrates were attempting to do. The key virtue which could be developed through learning is wisdom. Marchant; Symposium and Apology tr. The main objective of the essay is to define whether their concepts and attitudes towards personal and social life, nature, competition, good and evil, and reality and dreams are equal or different. Of course, many actions are judged by others or even by the same person later as having been bad in that they might have been better.

Benjamin Bickley Rogers. What is the structure of compare and contrast essay on Taoism and Confucianism?

compare and contrast confucianism and taoism essay

In both cases, most of what we know about these two men occurred after this turning point in their lives. Make use of cues like: while.

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Confucius and Socrates Compared