Phd dissertation blogs

Phd dissertation blogs

The blog is filled by humor about the ups and downs of graduate school, as provided by a number of sources. Belcher Writing Advice WendyLBelcher : Belcher Writing Advice is a blog that covers two broad topics--writing advice for academics, and research and teaching about Africa. I really enjoyed reading your feedback and spent an entire day dedicated to edits before I submitted my paper. Grad School Guru : this blog, presented by Psychology Today, offers tips on preparation and gaining acceptance to graduate schools in psychology. Require academic assistance? Cognitive Daily : this blog focuses on developments and neat tidbits in neuroscience. While this blog contains topics similar to those of the aforementioned blogs, I highlight it for its original emphasis on technology. Dissertation Editor truly showed competency, understanding and patience as we worked together for the editing of my paper. Ancient history is an unsolvable puzzle That's what makes it awesome Shout it from the rooftop odetoancienthistory lovemydiscipline — Dr Ellie Mackin Roberts EllieMackin November 18, Happy Science : this blog has entertaining science tidbits, musings on being a Ph. Computer Science Communications of the ACM : this blog centers around the leading publisher for computing and information technology fields both in print and online.

D student. Thank you for your support from a distance.

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Please comment and add to the list. General Gradhacker : this Inside Higher Ed blog focuses on general trials, tribulations, tips, tricks, and thoughts on the process of seeking your Ph.

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The core theme of her blog is succeeding in academia while simultaneously leading a rich life outside of academia as well. Hayton explains how, after nearly giving up on his PhD altogether, he rallied his motivation and actually wrote his entire dissertation in just three months.

I could not thank you enough for a job well done! Your dissertation needs to be proofread and edited It is an important process of your job.

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Making Physics Fun offers resources on a wide range of topics such as grants and funding opportunities, science presentations and reporting, as well as links to resources on physics and chemistry.

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