Period of active revolution

Period of enlightenment literature

Here Jaena explains the tragedy of marrying a Spaniard. JOSE P. The theme is about how girls were taught Spanish in schools and whose teachers were the governors-general of the place. He returned to the Philippines to ask for donations to continue a new government called El Latigo Nacional or Pambansang Latigo. The Filipino Revolutionists won against the Spaniards who colonized us for more than years. It pictured true Filipino life. His Kartilya was the one followed by the members of the organization. He joined the La Liga Filipina founded by Rizal in Claro Caluya. He also wrote about how the Filipinos were oppressed by the foreigners and of the problems of his countrymen. An allegorical play manifesting admiration for Cervantes. One of his works written in Jaro, Iloilo in , six years after the Cavite Revolt attacking the friars in the Philippines.

ByEnglish came to be used as a medium of instruction in the public schools. JOSE P. Poets of Life Makata ng Buhay. He is called the Brains of the Katipunan.

period of enlightenment 1872 1896 and revolutionary period 1896 1900

He was assisted by Fr. This was his masterpiece and his aim here was to propagate the spirit of nationalism.

Propaganda period of philippine literature

His first teacher was his mother Teodora Alonozo. Writings of Marcelo H. These included Lope K. Some of his writings were: 1. They were: 1. Legends—explainthe origin of things. The Spaniards were unable to suppress the tide of rebellion among the Filipinos.

Rizal, Marcelo H. A sincere expression of praise for the paintings of Hidalgo on the condition of the Filipinos under the Spaniards.

significance of the period of enlightenment in philippine literature

Basedon oral traditions 3. An essay predicting the increasing influence of the US in the Philippines and the decreasing interest of Europe here. Prose Narratives —written to prescribe proper decorum.

en honor del presidente morayta de la asociacion hispano-filipino
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