Paper butterflies

Add glue to the second body piece and place on top of the first part. But it is a question of preference. Glue on both wings. Repeat for the left hand side.

easy butterfly craft

We direct you to all our favourite paper crafts by topic on this one super handy Paper Crafts page. Fold the right hand point up towards the top point. Assembling your folder Paper Butterfly Glue the anntenae to the base of the first body piece. Be sure to bookmark it and come back over time! A super lovely Butterfly Activity for Preschoolers this summer.

You could also use a clothespin instead of your fingers, especially if you are making more butterflies. Also a thing black strip of paper 2mm x 10cm. You should now have a smaller square in front of you turned into a diamond — this is in fact also the beginning to our origami paper bookmark!!

But I digress. Alternatively you can make the body and antennae with pipe cleaners. You have just completed one butterfly wing!

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How to Make a Paper Butterfly