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With the s, the debt began to increase: as banks had cash overflowing to lend to developing nation, because of large increases in oil prices. To The U. In the article, The Myth of the Student Loan Crisis, Nicole Allan and Derek Thomas focus the article on the risky investments of college and questioning the rising debt levels as a national crisis. Student Loan debt has become a national problem with no solution. Unfortunately, however, as the refinement of money has progress so has the accumulation of national and world debt. Our government needs to stop overspending and start reducing the amount on the debt. These are all presidential budget deficits.

What most people do not realize is that student loans most often have huge interests on them and the longer they go without being repaid, the more rapidly they accumulate The debt and the deficit are two different terms.

Currently, the United States National Debt is up to 18 trillion dollars and is steadily increasing. Get Involved I am not good with computers and trying for hours just to get the web created much frustration. I never gave thought as to what the advantages of having it may be.

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While the two do go hand-in-hand, it is important to understand National Debt Vs. The data for national debt and federal budget deficit from the year is given in the chart above.

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National Debt Essay