My happiestmoment is when i got first salary

Seeing my efforts being paid off well and looking at my parents happiness, I was completely happy. You will not be satisfied with the answer and neither will the interviewer be happy.

Some employers may opt to pay you immediately, especially if you have been fired, regardless of the law in your state.

happiest moment in college life

Describing some notable accomplishment will be ideal. It can surely be described in a way that impress the interviewer. Awaiting useful inputs and great stories. Unless you want to mumble something silly, which has no such positive impact?

happiest moment in my life quotes

This may be mailed to the home address you provided or delivered to you at work, or you may have to pick up a check from a set location at work.

We were deeply in love, but sadly due to our studies we had to stay apart.

My happiestmoment is when i got first salary

They did not expect such good job from an undergrad. Hence if I compare myself to my batchmates I am having ample skills which make me proud and confident about myself.

It was a fifty-ringgit note. One can also speak of a topic totally out of the resume and take the interviewer by surprise.

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What was Your Happiest Moment in your Life?