My great adventure

During this season, the MGBA team delves into the following issues: girlfriend and boyfriends, school, divorce, self esteem, puberty, grief, social media, prejudice, failure and mental health.

My greatest adventure quote

I am shaking again but worse is still to come. You will need an organised, productive space to get your homework done. Then after a while I get shaken my water spills then cracking loud the wrap covering the breathing holes has disappeared then I noticed something I never noticed before the roof of my room is coming up. If you are worried about calling from your mobile phone, or don't know what network you are with, remember you can always call from your home phone or a payphone for free. It has stopped. If you need to talk to someone you can always call Kids Helpline on 55 - there's always someone waiting to listen and it's free from landlines and mobile phones. I saw some breathing holes. I can hear loud noises around me. My heart is pounding faster and faster. The best way to make friends is to be yourself — and be confident about who you are! Then I remember where is my mum? Where am I? She named me spot. I get so scared I try to hide but where? If you feel uncomfortable talking to your parents or carer, then talk to a friend, teacher, relative or counsellor.

There are always others finding things as tough as we are. The next morning I wake up and hear running and screaming around me banging, crashing really loud! Now I can see a little bowl with food and a plastic bowl with water and a glorious new kennel.

my greatest adventure quote

Very loud it scares me! I see her eyes as clear as the ocean she is stroking me. Where am I?

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Then I remember where is my mum? You will need an organised, productive space to get your homework done.

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My Greatest Adventure