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There are various kinds of UML diagrams for the representation of the software such as class diagram, use case diagram, object diagram, sequence diagram, activity diagram, component diagram, deployment diagram etc. In-house testing? A fulfillment strategy may mean a relationship with your supplier to deliver direct to your customer instead of to your business.

Selecting Action Set Admin can select the exact action based on the support team suggestion and the customer feedback.

Architectural methodologies used in the design and development of information systems

Search: Search product by product name or product cost Supporting Team Page: Possible Options: View Customer Details: This team can view registered customers details and purchase details. This support team suggestions is used to get the exact suggestion for increase the customer profile and make customer to loyal View Action Set Admin view all action sets these action set is made from the support team for the customer. All online prospects are automatically recorded in a database. Such kind of methodology asking for the analyst for determining the systems objects, their behavior over the time or their behavior in response to the events, as well as what kind of relations and responsibilities an object has to with the other objects. It is a subset of knowledge management since it requires knowledge of product movement or supply chain information. Enterprises must plan a strategy to sell products over the multiple mediums and develop a strategy for back-end fulfillment. Online shopping is a kind of interactive features business information which provides users with two types of static and dynamic information resources. Online interactive marketing uses customer profiling, personalization and contextual advertising extensively. This is made more difficult by the nature of globalization of business. In the website I followed the software development methodology called incremental approach nad according to it the system is mainly divided inot the two kinds of users and three kinds of mechanisms in order to make more sutaible for the end users to fulfill their all requirments from one place with quick and in more understandable manner. These mechanisms must allow for non-repudiation of the transaction. Users can schedule and conduct live audio and voice integrated Web based meetings or sales presentations with customers or other business partners. During the every step, extensions, designing and modifications are made.

This is final action of this project. Technologies Selection and Justification Following is description of technologies which are used for the website work: 1. Analyzing financial performance.

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Online shopping system as B2B, B2C, C2C ecommerce front-end business platform, the whole process of its business activities plays an important roles. Collaborative white-boarding allows customers or business partners and agents to draw diagrams or circle and highlight points in real-time over the network. Current contact management software features include collaborative white-boarding, real-time application demonstrations and sharing, text chat, voice chat, form sharing, and website co-navigation. With the general objectives, initially using the basic objective, incremental model is started. This new inter-company transactions to achieve the paperless exchange of documents and funds. It is basically based on Internet, It is related with B2C Business to Customer model and status of the design and development of e-commerce platform. The prototyping techniques, object oriented techniques which are the multiple ways in order to implement the models such as incremental, waterfall and spiral models.

On the basis of this various kinds of reports generated if there are any bugs with it. In the website I followed the software development methodology called incremental approach nad according to it the system is mainly divided inot the two kinds of users and three kinds of mechanisms in order to make more sutaible for the end users to fulfill their all requirments from one place with quick and in more understandable manner.

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There are many free hosting available for the JSP websites because of the reason is that JSP is free and open source, simple, robust. In the proposed system , as discuss in the abstract we are going to develop the new website Online Shopping System for computer products. Susan Brock supports that as the data into valuable corporate information has become more viable through information technologies, the application of IT based projects has risen too Susan Brock, This may be intrdouced gradually to an organization. New actions sets can be made by admin. From a customer-focused prospective, the customer should be notified when updates and upgrades are available. Because of the following benefits from it: Generates working software quickly and early during the software life cycle. Following are different kinds of methodologies which are prepared on the basis of combination of techniques as well as models: 1 Waterfall Model Life Cycle 2 Prototyping Model Life Cycle 3 Iterative Enhancement Model 4 Incremental Model 5 The Spiral Model 6 Object Oriented Methodology In the next section, we will see the details of each of these models in brief [Ref. Other features include contact routing ability that matches agent profiles to customer profiles. Retention of sales receipts is bothersome for most customers — the capture of customer information at the point of sales takes the onus off the customer to retain their sales receipt.

The OMG specification states: "The Unified Modeling Language UML is a graphical language for visualizing, specifying, constructing, and documenting the artifacts of a software-intensive system.

For these reasons, an order system must go beyond order capture to create real value to the customer.

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Works of majorly were in the form of tabulated cards which could be counted and sorted commonly referred to us punch — cards. On the basis of requirements which are currently known. Module 6 Thesis Thesis preparation on the basis of current research results. This can range from having a server deliver electronic goods to fulfillment of tangible goods. If total cost estimate is off, all other costs will be off. This is why supply chain visibility is important in Online selling system. Order management refers to the management of the order details. Bad reputation in between the conservatives because of dirty and quick method. It must access real time supply chain management data -demand planning and forecasting, manufacturing planning and scheduling, distribution and deployment planning, and transportation planning and scheduling data. Some assessment features of contact management software include presentation tools and performance, integration of multiple media, security, ease of use, management, and online help, archiving and reporting. All customer feedback information will be sorted in the database for future use.

Be independent of particular programming languages and development processes. It has also provided some facilities to Admin as add item, update item and etc.

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