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One may conclude that the interior decorator will have to step aside in order for a sense of peace to return.

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She's led the reader through a series of attempts to try to imagine a variety of stories, and she's made it seem within reach—as if a reader really could choose B or C and get something different from A.

That is, second person is used to point out how the details of a story add up to help us understand the characters. Related posts:.

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Atwood's use of the string of cliches emphasizes the depth of both Mary's hope and her delusion. Is this because, according to Atwood, readers will only accept this idealized ending for tales of romance? Attwood goes on to state how she feels about each part of the story.

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But their house is destroyed by a tidal wave and thousands are killed.

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Margaret Atwood's Happy Endings: a Metafictional Story Essay example