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Conclusion Making ethical decisions actively and regularly is integral to any professional organization.

The regular and thorough use of these processes will lower the probability of negative choices in ethical decision-making. Moreover, the different levels of game also contribute in creating mass awareness about the product as the users pass on the app from one person to another.

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In a cost benefit analysis the benefits should always outweigh the costs and take ethics, profitability, sustainability, and the monetary value of time into consideration.

We must aggressively pursue every instance of inaccuracy and manipulation to maintain our standard of perfection. Another issue I encountered was the misclassification of employees.

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This was however not the case as the company clarified consistently that nothing except the packaging was changed. In short, simple sentences, write a paragraph describing who was involved, where the situation took place, when this happened, and what was going on. If this policy of retrieving written acknowledgement is not implemented and followed through with, it can have potentially dire consequences for our company. Clarkson, Miller, Jentz, Cross If the shoe company exploits the laborers in Indonesia, this principle will have been violated making the business venture unethical. Over the years Coca Cola has established itself strongly in the market with its aggressive marketing strategy and a strong network of corporate liaisons and commercial relationships. This was possibly because the trademark red can had been there for more than a century and generations have had an image of it being associated with the Coca Cola Company. The three ways to categorize ethics are: personal ethics, social ethics and conservation ethics.

Case Study Situations that require an individual to make ethical decisions occur in public as well as in private companies. Who will be affected negatively?

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