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So did many who lived during the Black Death, although their accounts often stop abruptly. The book earned Atwood her third of five Booker Prize nominations.

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Who profits by it? Why do we never learn the real name of the central character, I have often been asked. Because women are interesting and important in real life. Atwood celebrated her 70th birthday at a gala dinner at Laurentian University in Sudbury , Ontario. Absolutely they want to overturn Roe v. God is in the details, they say. Change could also be as fast as lightning. The book was released in anticipation of the lectures, which were also recorded and broadcast on CBC Radio One 's Ideas. Many totalitarianisms have used clothing, both forbidden and enforced, to identify and control people — think of yellow stars and Roman purple — and many have ruled behind a religious front. She would look striking even if she were not familiar. Again, it depends what you may mean by that.

Toad, Ltd. Again, it depends what you may mean by that. Just as the Bolsheviks destroyed the Mensheviks in order to eliminate political competition and Red Guard factions fought to the death against one another, the Catholics and the Baptists are being targeted and eliminated.

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Atwood's identity as a Canadian author has always been very important to her, and she has achieved tremendous success in spite of the serious handicap presented by her desire to be known as a Canadian writer.

Atwood has also held positions as an English lecturer or writer-in-residence at various universities.

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Because, I reply, so many people throughout history have had their names changed, or have simply disappeared from view. Atwood's anti-heroine is a woman named Zenia, a sexual predator who wreaks havoc on the lives of three friends.

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