Literature review on leadership effectiveness management essay

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It starts with a discussion on the concept of leadership styles, the importance of leadership styles of project managers and the sub contents of the main three leadership styles, the project performance, strategies and relationships between these variables and an overview of recent studies on the research.

To date, management scholars have extensively investigated teams as both production units and social systems see Ilgen et al.

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Based on what has been revealed whilst reexamining literature will let what has been learnt and to trap any epistasis by what has been viewed. According to Fleishman, there are two common classifications of the team behavior which includes person-focused and task-focused.

Furthermore, the reliability of the scale is also tested in this section. By utilizing quantitative research method, Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire MLQ has been used for data collection.

Review of literature on leadership qualities

To answer this question many management scientists and theorists defined some styles or taught to be followed. The literature suggests that transactional leadership based on contingent reward positively contributes to the team development and team effectiveness. Introduction 1. Both transformational and transactional contingent reward can be operated in the project management atmosphere to encourage acquaintances to build up and carry out their efforts further than typical expectations and anticipations. After studying Kissi et al. It helped in understanding that which leadership style of project managers is more appropriate in enhancing project performance in software sector of Punjab Pakistan. The target population was eighty software houses in Punjab and the sample size was two hundred and fifty key first level managers, directly working under project managers like software Architects, Principal software Engineers Developers, programmers, and Quality Assurance personals working in these Software houses were targeted for data collection about the leadership style of their project manager. Q3: What are the common parameters on the basis of which one leadership style can be considered differently? It was then extended by Bernard M. The role of leaders is regarded as the critical tools for the team members. So out of three leadership styles the Transformational leadership style along with its two constructs charisma CHM and inspiration INS has been proved significant and it is concluded that the Transformational leadership style is more suitable for the project manager to enhance project performance in software industry of Pakistan.

Thus my literature review concluded that leadership style is affecting the organizational effectiveness. The passive approach has the features that the leaders who are not proactive, they did not take actions until anything goes wrong and any irregularity actually happened.

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The process of managing teams and ensuring their effectiveness requires the presence of the leader who can motivate and provide a vision for their subordinates. Bass said that leadership is righteous if it consider authentic needs and based upon an informed choice on the part of follower.

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It was the list of around 30 items for an organization. According to the findings of this research the leadership style and competences of the project manager have no effect on project performance; means leader has less effect on performance. Laissez-faire leadership style considerably influences the dependent outcome variables in a negative way. The literature suggests that transactional leadership based on contingent reward positively contributes to the team development and team effectiveness. Thus, a great amount of attention was dedicated to understanding the number of characteristics that are found in leaders. Therefore it appears evident that short-run performance measured in terms of flow data act in responses strongly to Individualized Consideration. It exists from the evaluation of organizations. The leaders who are task-motivated are at their best when the group performs and execute productively such as achieving a new sales record or do better than the most important participant. Over the past 30 years, with the popularity of internet the evolution of IT organizations started and another industry is evolved some are now very big and renowned organizations such as Apple, Microsoft, IBM and Google. Participative leaders involved group members in decision making ideas but sustain the final words over decision making process. Bass et al.
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Literature Review On Leadership Effectiveness Management Essay