Introduction to organizational politics

Sources: M. The first is the relationship between power and the control of critical resources.

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Its approval of a request to spend money is far from certain. Think about it: If you know there is no chance that you can influence an outcome, why would you spend your valuable time and resources working to effect change?

For example, if the purchasing group can guarantee a continued source of parts for the manufacturing group, it gains some power over manufacturing by forestalling possible uncertainty surrounding production schedules.

When those who have fallen subject to the manipulation begin to talk to each other directly—or when other evidence comes to light such as financial results—the manipulator will have an explanation ready but will already be planning their exit, as he is driven to stay in control, not to face a revelation which would expose his behavior.

In this way, B needs A in order to accomplish subunit objectives. Consider also a reason for closed-shop union contracts: they effectively reduce the replaceability of workers.

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Political Organization: Introduction