Impact of the english reformation and

Impact of the english reformation and

Cardinal Wolsey, who fathered an illegitimate son, was very much the exception. Yet the adoption of Protestantism had been, by the standards of the turmoil that had gripped much of Europe in this period, remarkably smooth.

long term effects of the english reformation

The contributions in this book identify and, in different and sometimes contradictory ways, attempt to resolve these and other questions. But William Warham didn't. Catholicism addressed many important needs and enjoyed general popular support. But time was too short to put down roots.

But for all the work carried out in his name, Henry was never a Protestant. If England became a Protestant country, it is argued, it did so largely at the behest of its rulers and against its better judgement.

That legacy still lingers, and the abiding sense of anti-Catholicism remained potent enough to be a cause of the Civil War a century later. Although the changes of Mary's reign were now reversed once more, Elizabeth and her councillors were under no illusions that many of her subjects remained obstinately attached to the old ways.

Nailing his 95 Theses to a church door in Wittenberg, Germany, he prompted massive theological debate and was condemned as a heretic and an outlaw.

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The universities, in fact, would play a significant role in the early campaigns against Luther. A remarkably smooth transition

English reformation summary

The trials of the last three decades had in a very real sense secured England's Protestant identity. Some things don't change. The Church of England would remain, in the words of its Protestant critics, 'but halfly reformed'. Two thirds of all the land was sold to the laity and the money squandered in vanity wars against France. Henry had to marry for the child to be legitimate. While there is a growing perception that the English experienced a 'long Reformation', that it was a protracted process rather than an 'event', very significant historiographical differences remain over the pace of change, the means of implementation, and the degree of enthusiasm with which the English people experienced the dismantling of their medieval Catholic culture. Much less urban than either Germany or the Netherlands, it nevertheless possessed a thriving international trade centre in London and in Oxford and Cambridge, two universities of outstanding reputation. The screen was subsequently dismantled, and this block was found reused in one of the buildings of the Cathedral College.
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