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The Title Page. References List cited sources on a References page using the Author—Year or Number system see Chapter 5 of this handbook. Information about the procedure belongs in the procedure section. Technical reports are also sometimes used to present recommendations or findings for research. The logical explanation is that this composite material is known to be flexible and strong from source [1]. The personal style of the writer should be secondary to the clear and objective communication of information. You should list down the topics and ideas of what your report is to cover randomly. In this example, the second diagram in section 1 would be referred to by " Some of the reference materials that are credible include approved books, articles and journals.

Oftentimes, authors will call upon this specific genre of writing whenever they attempt to argue a specific position or way of thinking, or when they are attempting to propose a solution to a specific problem to an audience that may not necessarily be in their specific peer or organizational circle.

If the report is too long, then it is good to bind it so that all the pages may be joined well.

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How to write a technical report and where to start Having understood the structure of a technical report and how to orientate everything we can now look at how to come up with the content and write it.

Discussion Often this section is combined with "Results" into one "Results and Discussion" section; this allows you to interpret your results as you summarize them. You can also use underlining and bolding to serve the same purpose.

Literature reviews range from exhaustive searches to summaries of only the most germane articles, but the fundamental objective is always the same: to establish the history of the problem being investigated by summarizing the WHAT, HOW, and WHY of the work that has already been done.

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Naturally, the use of tables, graphs, and figures is especially enlightening here, as are explanations of how data were derived: The conductivities of the top and bottom values for each measurement were averaged and the results are listed in Table 3. Use sentences to highlight the key result As seen in Table 1. It is important here not to rely on a table or figure to do the work for you—you must outrightly and concisely interpret. Any phrases, sentences or paragraphs which are copied unaltered must be enclosed in quotation marks and referenced by a number. In a sense, you are going back to the big picture provided by your introduction now, incorporating your conclusions into that picture, even suggesting where more work is needed. This can involve highlight key results and placing them in the context of other results, as in the below example. A properly formatted technical report will have the following sections or subsections: A cover page.

In the above example, the claim is that the results for Sample A are expected, given its composition. Stylistically, literature reviews are often written in the past tense, but many authors favor the present tense when the research being summarized was completed recently.

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Technical reports and white papers are one in the same. Include all the details needed to fully document and explain the work but keep it as brief as possible.

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Accounting for this application would involve measuring more and different types of stresses and their impact on the material. Works Cited. As shown in Tables 3. Deficiencies in the testing or the results should be noted. But when writing this part, the author must always aim for conciseness and brevity so as not to bore readers with too much introductory details. The author may also refer the readers to an outside source for further research on the subject. You may also see management report examples. Note how the first sentence summarizes the nature of the investigation, while the second identifies the rationale: This study determines the locus of rifting at the southern end of the Eastern Branch of the East African Rift System within northern Tanzania. After citing the source in your content proceed and list the source in your reference list. Binding — when joining your report, you can staple it at the top left if it does not comprise of many pages. You should note that the hand-written report is not accepted when it comes to the technical report.

The abstract is always self-contained, and is sometimes presented as a separate page.

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How to Write a Technical Report