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Handbook of religion and health 2nd ed.

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Results: the representations about religion and spirituality, for professors, are forged around the faith in God and it gives them meaning and purpose to deal with the challenges of personal and professional living. The analyses presented below are based on data from the Wave 4 survey because questions on health behavior and the influence that fellow church members have on health behavior were not administered until this time. Here the prominent words were: purpose, stress, belief, I think, I handle, religion, life, meaning. A high score reflects more frequent prayer. Similarly, even though some Catholics in El Salvador advocated for a type of Catholicism that preserved the status quo during the Salvadoran Civil War in the s and s, the progressive church developed new forms of religious worship and ministry that facilitated social change Berryman, ; Montgomery, ; Nepstad and Williams, ; Peterson The purpose of religion is to provide a structure where one can develop a spiritual awareness. More specifically, researchers have not devised well-articulated models that explain how involvement in religion promotes the practice of better health behaviors e. Instead, a person's education, income, and occupation determine their social class standing. As shown in Table 1 , these items were phrased in the same manner as the church-based support items. However, researchers who study race differences in church-based social support systems have not assessed whether there are also race differences in the extent to which fellow church members encourage the adoption of beneficial health behaviors.

In some instances, the observed measures may cause the underlying construct. The groups of religious people are characterized by a lower abuse of illicit and licit drugs, a lower incidence of suicide, and a lower prevalence of depression, thereby proving that religion has an impact on physical and mental health and works as a protective factor against the development of diseases 3.

Consequently, older people were eliminated from the analyses presented below.

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However, this is not a necessary outcome in using Weberian methods. For example, questions on depression are presumed to capture a larger unobserved depressive symptom construct.

For example, the data in a study by Ellison et al.

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The second religion control variable measures how often older people pray when they are alone. The universe of participants was randomly defined and had as inclusion criteri;a being an active faculty member, agreeing to participate, and signing the consent form.

The central role the church has played in the Black community helps insure that the relationships that are formed among fellow church members are especially close.

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The recognition of religiosity and spirituality as RSC favors identifying the spiritual needs of patients, and enables the professional to plan and provide care in the most comprehensive way possible

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Why religious education has an important role to play in our society