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She checked in on us throughout. That said it wasn't the most expensive or least, but expected a bit more quality in food for the price.

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The applesauce was Motts from a jar, but that's okay! Several of the breakdown products of oil result in serious adverse health effect. We stopped at Harris crab house on the way to DC, and we really crave for seafood. So how are we doing well? Her bubbly personality together with her attentiveness made this wonderful experience even better! Very nautical design with a rustic atmosphere. Each return visit was a little more disappointing They do have AYCE crabs but only during the weekdays. After talking to some of his fisherman buddies he realized that since he had room in his pickup truck for more than just stone crab, he should look into selling fresh fish as well. Although this is primarily a seafood restaurant, the menu offers offer other options. How did we grow so fast?

The applesauce was Motts from a jar, but that's okay! There is outdoor seating available, so you can enjoy the boats passing by as you eat. The manager of the establishment completely rude and unprofessional I'm very upset.

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We got 4 jumbo crab, they were yummy and plump and juicy. This fresh look at quality allows us to take an honest approach instead of the approach common in this industry- dishonesty. The quality of the food was inconsistent at our table and some dishes were great and others were not so great. Next time I am getting cornbread as sides instead of just puppies or fries. Parking out front. Corts prepared this case as the basis for class discussion rather than to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of an administrative situation. The prices are high end, but the food was outstanding. The nautical theme and absolutely gorgeous water view give the feeling of being on the beach. Finally we were moved to inside and life is so much better. The cheese grit on the shrimp bbq is amazing too. This past Monday we had Lilly. These savings get passed on to the customer. However, after fifteen mins of sitting outside, we cannot stand the heat anymore. We shared a combination fried platter, it was perfect. Cheers to good eats!

We came here on December 30th and found out they had no crabs available. Finally we were moved to inside and life is so much better.

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Soft shells were top notch. Most fish that comes to local restaurants are already in fillet form.

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At most times we dined, the crabs were so delicious and even when we noted that some weren't great found a few duds.

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