Gucci s marketing and positioning strategy

After understanding the unique buying behaviour of customers and getting the required information through surveys, Gucci can divide the market into small homogeneous groups.

gucci market segmentation

Tax prices could rise effecting how much Gucci can afford to produce. It is associated with the wealthy and fashion conscious.

By using the segmentation technique, Gucci can narrow down the large, diversified target audience into specific and narrowly defined groups. Competitors Analysis in the Marketing Strategy of Gucci The detailed competitor analysis is highly important for the development of Gucci Marketing Strategy.

Care about your Customers Today, Gucci operates in stores across the globe including franchise stores, duty free boutiques, leading department stores and speciality stores. Keller, K. If Gucci chooses behavioural segmentation, then customers will be divided according to their buying pattern like usage frequency, benefits sought, usage occasions and brand loyalty.

At the same time it is also important to note that Gucci Group in its market penetration strategy tries to sell an existing product in an existing market.

These people are very up to date with fashion and take on the genderless theme circling the fashion industry today.

SWOT Analysis 9. Global marketing management. The image of the brand was changed almost overnight from sleek, glossy and sexual to raw, quirky, progressive, sensual, romantic and geeky.

gucci objectives

Unsurprisingly, heritage, authenticity and craftsmanship are the pillars of its brand strategy.

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Marketing Strategy Of Gucci