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why is global education important

It is time now to make more widely known the good practice that exists and new initiatives that are currently emerging. World Learning believes everyone has the right to a high-quality education.

These awards hope to bring public awareness to the benefits of international education.

global education system

It is an essential ingredient in any formulation of effective education. By exploring diversity in text, connecting the literature to service learning and activism, promote critical thinking about themselves in the global community, and develop their global awareness with literacy elements.

benefits of global education

Finally, our survey found that students have high aspirations, with the vast majority wanting to go to university and follow prestigious career paths.

These issues have global, national and local dimensions to them and education has a crucial role to play in creating awareness of such issues. Global education in the 21st century is thus about educating in a spirit of hope and optimism, which recognises the rights and responsibilities of both present and future generations.

This approach is criticized because global relations are dramatically split into rich and poor, or oppressor and oppressed, respectively. The curriculum is designed around place- and project-based learning, allowing students to self-guide their global experiences.

Literature introduced in the classroom can teach multiple skills that prepare for further learning within the global community. And to share these insights as we explore how the education landscape is meeting the changing needs of students, parents and teachers.

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