Freuds essay on narcissism

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Early deterrence of sexual activity and can also be attributed to the primitive narcissism of the child. Freud calls this "the cure by love," and reports that some patients leave analysis when they find a suitably ideal love-object, and continue their "therapy" in their relationship with that person. Note again that the concept of sublimation appears earlier in the philosophy of Plato. Again, this is part of my personal quest to understand the mechanisms of desire, lust and love. In essence, the more affection 'libido' is projected to others 'object-libido', the less energy there exists for self-love 'ego-libido'. We find a difference in the sexes in regard to the object choice. Thus the mother becomes the object-libidos choice the attachment type. It is the growing sense of self as a source of satisfaction that is the basis of narcissism. It deflects from sexuality.

Later, it transforms into a fear of social sanctions. In a way, we get to see Freud's own mind at work.

primitive narcissism

In a way, happiness proceeds from narcissistic perfection and the consequent sexual satisfaction. This primary narcissism is evident in young children in their belief in grandiosity, magic, and in the power of their words.

Thus the mother becomes the object-libidos choice the attachment type.

Freuds essay on narcissism

Idealisation From this, he argues that each person sets up an ideal in himself, by which he measures and judges his actual ego. At the earliest stages of infancy, we are unable to differentiate ourselves from the outside world and our primary care-giver, our mother.

Secondary narcissism

Thus, their complete object-love actually derives from their narcissism. Its narcissisim is depleted in this action, but is restored by the love returned to it by the objects of its love. Freud argues that there is, that the subject's libidinal instinctual impulses come into conflict with and are constrained by the subject's cultural and ethical ideas. The infantile ego is the cause of the repression however later on the ego creates an ideal which it places its narcissism into and thus produces the repression. Fulfilling the expectations of the ideal ego is one source of libidinal satisfaction for the ego. This sense of guilt derives from a fear of punishment by or loss of love by the parents. The attachment of the libido to the ego or self is called narcissistic love.

He suggests that the persistance of homosexual libido results in a pervasive sense of social guilt, which for him explains a number of features of mental illnesses such as paranoia and the paraphrenias.

It is in fact an act of self-respect of the ego.

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In contrast, idealisation operates on the object. In contrast, idealisation operates on the object.

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Freud: On Narcissism