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Furthermore, Ford prides itself on the sponsorship of sports teams, sports events and facilities. Its stores provide one stop solution for all the maintenance and repair needs of its customers. In Ford manufactures Ford Transit passenger carrying Minibus in Europe in different sitting capacity.

Ford motor company

The 21st century automotive industry is marked by high competition and therefore the brands invest heavily in both technological innovation as well as marketing. It utilizes television advertising, print advertising as well as other traditional and innovative channels including online advertising and social media. Ford manufactures medium duty trucks, large good vehicles, light vans. Promotion Ford uses competitive promotional strategies for its products and services to maintain a long-running relationship with its customers. Its wholesales represent the products sold to the dealerships mainly. Its promotion campaigns have helped it maintain its extensive market presence and engage customers better. Above all is its focus on trust and customer satisfaction which it is continuously working to maximize through its extensive sales and distribution network. The brand is dedicated to a better future for the planet while also working for more safety of the passengers. Every Ford product is manufactured with a concept to suit the local driving situations, focusing on the longevity and fewer maintenance costs. Promotion: The promotional and advertising strategy in the Ford marketing strategy is as follows: Ford adopts very competitive promotional strategies of promoting its goods and services through almost all the conventional channels available. Media is sown below of the video of Gymkhana 5 and the car that was used for that video. Also, Ford has a trust set up in the UK called Ford Britain Trust where they provide grants to local education and other non-profit projects. It has nearly 90 manufacturing plants set up in six continents across the world. They also have a successful partnership with World Rally Drive Ken Block, where they supply him with a Ford Fiesta S and he completes social media and viral videos which has been known to successfully promote the Ford brand. Ford has been using several channels for the promotion of its brand including both digital and traditional channels.

This was an effective advertisement, that was run during the start of this year. For this purpose, ford created Team Edison whose job is o speed up the design and development of its battery electric vehicles. Ford has an automotive finance division called Ford Motor Credit Company for its customers.

The brand is dedicated to a better future for the planet while also working for more safety of the passengers. This means that this element of the marketing mix is being well enforced by Ford, with it effectively applying all the marketing communication tactics to promote their good and services.

Along with selling automobiles under the Ford marquee, Ford has sold its products under the marques such as Mercury, Aston Martin, Volvo, Jaguar, Mazda and Land Rover and presently continues to sell under Troller and Lincoln.

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About Ford: Ford Motor Company is a US based global leader in the automobile manufacturing industry operating both in commercial vehicles and private cars market. Init spent 4. Place Ford is number-one to introduce the notion of production at a large scale with technical workers.

The brand is working to expand its full range of electric vehicles by adding more of EVs to its product range, In this regard, it formed a joint venture with Chinese maker of fully electrical vehicles Zotye.

Ford marketing mix 4p s

Ford also sells medium duty trucks, tractors, vans, and buses.

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Marketing Mix of Ford