Factors driving hiv aids epidemic health and social care essay

This is in part because women have a greater mucosal surface area exposed to pathogens and infectious fluid for longer periods during sexual intercourse and are likely to face increased tissue injury.

Doing so involves protecting human rights and tackling issues around social marginalization and stigma.

social factors of hiv

It is also imperative that you know your partners status prior to engaging in sexual activity. Overall, the U. In press. Sixth, addressing AIDS in the world's poorest countries and communities depends on increased and sustained international support, driven by high-level political will.

hiv in sub saharan africa

In certain cultures men are regarded as the heads of the family, decision-makers and the ones who control resources and finances while women are expected to respect their husbands, accept polygamous relationships and fulfill family and community tasks [ 33 ]. In contrast to the generalized epidemics of sub-Saharan Africa, the U.

economic factors of hiv/aids

Rehle et al.

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Squaring the Circle: AIDS, Poverty, and Human Development