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With the probable exemption of one more world war, a huge asteroid, a fatal plague, or global warming may be the only worst dangers to our planet earth. Only a 1-cm rise in sea level can erode a full 1 meter of beach? Impacts like desert growth, rising ocean levels and increasing world temperature are caused by it.

You can use these essay for FREE. Carbon dioxide is the most common greenhouse gas.

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Everyone should think about causes, effects and solutions to resolve it straightaway. They are attributing this to increased temperatures from global warming. Perhaps the most visible effect of climate change so far is the melting of glaciers and sea ice.

Essay on Global Warming in Words in English Global warming has become a giant issue which requires being resolved everywhere the planet. Many companies have been abandoning the skeptical business coalitions.

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Higher temperatures in summer increase heat-related deaths.

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Global Warming Essay: Environmental Effects