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Let's roam around the world together and discover the top 5 earthquake-proof structures and learn how buildings can be designed to resist extreme seismic loadings.

When such infill plates occupy each level within a framed bay of a structure, they constitute a SPSW system. Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant is partially upgraded[ edit ] The Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plantthe largest nuclear generating station in the world by net electrical power rating, happened to be near the epicenter of the strongest Mw 6.

This earthquake resistance feat can be attributed to the foot-deep steel and concrete foundation that is designed to freely move with seismic loadings. This innovative system can eliminate inner beams and inner columns on each floor, and thereby provide buildings with column-free floor space even in highly seismic regions.

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This allows the base and foundation system to freely move with the earthquake force while the top structure remains stationary during dynamic actions. They do, however, cause buildings, bridges and other structures to experience sudden lateral accelerations.

Multiple points of strengths and redundancies share the force instead of the quake splitting the foundation apart. Burj Khalifa is simply one of the most iconic supertall structures in the world.

Instead, construction experts strive for something slightly less ambitious -- earthquake-resistant buildings, which are designed to prevent total collapse and preserve life, as well as construction budgets.

Everyone knows about the existence of tectonic plates and how they influence the movement of the Earth's crust. Earthquake-resistant building designs consider the following characteristics that influence their structural integrity: stiffness and strength, regularity, redundancy, foundations, and load paths.

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Top 5 Earthquake Resistant Structures Around the World