E business and e commerce web applications essay

E business and e commerce web applications essay

Beside buying and selling, it also serves a much wider consumer base and collaborates with business partners. Essay Topic: Business , Internet Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! It is invented that they sometime interfere the operations of some medical devices i. Last but not least Real estate, a store does not need a prominent physical location. This high cost of infrastructure development for e-business is also including the cost of leased lines. Bangladeshi commerce is establishing itself in the area of internet business. An investigation on how apple structures its e-business strategy in terms of planning, and how Apple control the organisation. Lack of interest and willingness to make a paradigm shift has become a crucial issue.

The online business helps the company to achieve more profit and stand apart from the other competitors. At last we will need to implement a Customer Service department and determine the methods for online customer service. Whereas, in a manual system your clients need to first contact your company to obtain a quote and check for product availability, through an electronic payment system, they can check your price offers, delivery times and place their orders in a couple of minutes.

It is not surprising that some maintain that the E-Commerce revolution is just 'as pro- found as the change that came with the industrial revolution.

This helps the people to know the facts without going to the respective departments. But e-commerce is not without its apparent flaws. Also secure web protocols to provide a way to authenticate the clients and servers on the web to protect the integrity of the communication, PPTP Point to Point Tunneling Protocol creates a secure communication tunnel between the two points it also enables authenticated and encrypted transmissions between the clients and the servers, we can also implement L2TP Layer two tunneling protocol and it uses tunneling to deliver the data, also implementing IPSecs Internet Protocol Security to secure communications between systems on the network as well as outside to the different hubs or towns.

Today, mobile operators have started offering 4G services in the country.

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E Commerce And E Business Essay