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Today more than ever securing capital for a start-up business can be difficult. A business owner who has a traditional day job, for example, can perform cleanings during the evenings and on weekends.

Ordinarily, sole proprietorship should have been the ideal business structure for a small — scale dryer vent cleaning services business especially if you are just starting out with a moderate startup capital in a small neighborhood and with just one outlet.

The truth is that if you are able to build a robust clientele base, you are sure going to maximize profits in the business. Do you have an interesting story to tell related to your small business?

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Step 6 Open up for business by getting your marketing and advertising out and enjoy the benefits and income of an experienced and trusted air duct cleaner. The U. The most effective air duct cleaning company business plans include a comprehensive chapter on finances.

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Open a business bank account Recording your various expenses and sources of income is critical to understanding the financial performance of your business. It also makes accounting and tax filing easier. What happens during a typical day at an air duct cleaning business? Anyone who is mechanically inclined, however, can learn what they need to know about HVAC systems. One of the major reasons why people clean their dryer vent is to increase the efficiency of the dryer itself and to avoid fire disasters. Franchising May Be a Better Way to Go Your chances of achieving the entrepreneurial goal of surviving in business immediately improve if you opt for franchising rather than going it alone. Try it for free STEP 2. Business Essentials Anything that produces heating or cooling requires maintenance. Some other challenges and threats that you are likely going to face is economic downturn; if the economy is in bad shape, businesses such as dryer vent cleaning services businesses and any other businesses that offer cleaning and related services usually struggle to maintain their old customers or even welcome new customers. Finding a Non-Competitive Business Mentor If you are seriously contemplating launching an air duct cleaning business, it's a smart move to learn as much as you can from somebody who is already in the business.

For residential customers, clean air ducts reduce the amount of dust in the air and create healthier living environments. STEP 3. The financials are equally important because they speak directly to an investor or lenders concerns about generate revenues and profits.

If you ever have a question about your equipment, estimating a job, marketing or anything else about the air duct cleaning business, we are just a phone call away.

As well, whichever franchise you choose likely has name recognition your independent business might lack.

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If YES, here is a complete guide to starting a dryer vent cleaning business with NO money and no experience. By participating in the Small Business Community, our members gain knowledge and connections that give them a competitive advantage in building a successful business. In business law, this is referred to as piercing your corporate veil. Rather, the most prominent companies are franchised operations. When fragments begin to clog the dryer vent, the exhaust gases produced by the dryer begin to back up therefore creating a possible fire hazard. The Pros If you decide to start an air duct cleaning business, some of the benefits you may experience. But most importantly, existing air duct cleaning businesses have documented financial histories.

Business Essentials Anything that produces heating or cooling requires maintenance. Here are the easiest ways to find the content you want.

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