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Trump has a record rife with bankruptcies and sketchy ventures like Trump University, which authorities are investigating after numerous complaints of fraud.

Does it mean we need to deport all the immigrants back to their country?

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Nobody knows up to where they belong at this point or where anyone rights stand because everyone is afraid of getting deported or having other law issues now that trump has been elected. Trump implies acceptance of Mr.

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First and foremost he believes he represents the best interests of America. In only two months, he rose to first place and has maintained that position since August Scherer The Presidential Election has a lot of the nation on their feet as they choose wisely who they want their next president to be. If the Founding Fathers could see the current state of the country, they would be rolling over in their graves. Without speculating how To take on something as big as the Washington insider game, the country needs an outsider who cannot be bought. Let us take a look at Mr.

Ferris, Sarah. This fanciful notion, imported from Mr.

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Because in a logical argument, your conviction must be earned, shaped by the evidence and not the other way around. Home — Essay Samples — Government — President of the United States — Donald Trump Essays on Donald Trump Public political discourse over the activity of any current or past president is essential for any democratic community. He will galvanize the country, with the RNC providing field support at the local level and Republicans Overseas helping internationally. News coverage of Trump has allowed him to not release any television advertisements until January To be President of the United States means you have to handle each and every role efficiently. Further, this insistence on being right is at the heart of American argumentation itself, at least as it is taught in high school. Clinton is smart, experienced, and has a highly organised campaign machine. Certain countries, such as those from the Korean peninsula, the Middle East, and Europe, received his personal admiration and recognition. Donald Trump has shown that he is not intelligent. It is a position enriched with years of history and 44 presidents before this one.

If we really wanted to make America great again, Hilary Clinton wouldve been the Better candidate. Is this the example we want for them? Others say undocumented aliens over populate and arent as helpful, but truthfully they have helped us grow economically.

In addition, he avoids the facts given for issues, such as climate change.

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