Condoms vs abstinence for public school children essay

Some schools across the United States have made it to where students are given condoms in school. It is a wise investment by the government to supply condoms for schools in that it is very expensive to address problems created by irresponsible sexual behaviors.

should high schools be able to dispense contraceptives to students

Louis also is considered to be a condom desert. The goal then was to reduce social problems such as venereal disease and prostitution by educating the public about sex. Studies show that condom distribution does increase condom use among sexually active students, and that it neither hastens initiation of sexual activity nor results in greater frequency of intercourse among students.

Over the last century, our statistics for teen health and sexuality problems have been getting worse and worse, and this is the time for change. A majority of parents feel that it is not appropriate to hand out condoms in school. Sexual education courses in public schools are an extremely important step in a student's education.

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Most of the girls forget about their dreams of happy marriage, and become mothers at an early age.

Condoms in public schools

People are also offended when sex education besides abstinence is taught like contraception to the youth. However, if people can pull together, and help be part of the solution, it is likely that we can make a difference, and help our youth make good healthy decisions. Get Essay Whether a school-age child wears a condom or not, Limbaugh states that the child is potentially exposing himself and his partner to AIDS, other sexually transmitted diseases, and pregnancy. Elkind, David. Currently, there are no laws protecting parental-rights and family rights, but congressional conservatives are pushing bills to cover this issue. Proponents claim that condom distribution lets students know that the community cares about their total health and well being and that there are adults who are prepared to deal with the reality of their lives rather than maintain a position of denial about adolescent sexual behavior. Corvallis Library Seigel, Robert. To show that absurdness. Radosh, Alice, and Archer, Elayne. Limbaugh states that the kid is potentially exposing himself and his spouse to AIDS. This feeling, however, is wrong. Many different methods of condom distribution have been tried, from anonymous, unlimited supply, to special handouts after discussing your situation with a school counselor. The use of condoms at last intercourse was two times higher than a similar school that does not have condom distribution.

Florio, Gwen.

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