Comparitive study of shopping

This study aims at comparing the shopping preference between the consumers in the U.

Comparative study of online and offline shopping questionnaire

Now this decision is absolutely subjective as certain parameters: consumer choice varies from person to person. The retailer may conclude this due to the customer's wealth, carelessness, lack of knowledge, or eagerness to buy. To be the 3 rd largest economy in terms of GDP in next 5 years. Degeratu, A. Asian Journal of Social cross-category analysis of category structure and Science and Humanities, 2 3 , This involves adding a markup amount or percentage to the retailers cost. Liberalization has changed all this. Consumer Res. Apart from that, discounts offered by the e-tailers have indeed put shopping in India is known to be a family outing on enormous pressure on their bottom line. Currim examined behavioural differences between consumers Waldfogel and Chen , while finding price attracted to online shopping and traditional supermarket comparison websites weaken brand effects, find that shopping using actual choice data from an online brand still matters for sellers in a number of product supermarket and traditional scanner panel data. Marketing Res. Instead of retail evolution, there is a retail revolution in India.

In case of a brick and mortar shop, the offline shopping, that means physically traveling to each replacement can be obtained by visiting the shop during and every shop to check out the products.

Dijk, G. They choose products or services the customer.

traditional shopping introduction

Comparative Study on Shopping Malls In Western countries, retail prices are often so-called psychological prices or odd prices: a little less than a round number, e. It is still not too long ago that the operators of a particular new shopping-mall at Mumbai had to contemplate restricting entries of visitors by imposing Comparative Study on Shopping Malls conditions that such entry was limited to those having mobile phones or credit cards a.

Malls seem to be springing up across several cities in India.

online shopping vs in store shopping research

These changes along with increased availability of retail space and qualified manpower have had a positive impact. Advances and Applications in Marketing. Comparing dynamic consumer Perspectives, 2 3 This large variety gives consumers vast choice the courier company to deliver the product.

Online shopping vs traditional shopping

India is experiencing a mall boom. Haq, Z-U. Prentice [16]. In Chinese societies, prices are generally either a round number or sometimes a lucky number. Some shops sell second-hand goods. The survey is done through the personal interviews by putting a set of structured questionnaire to the visitors of Shopping Mall. The concept of omni-channel strategy has pp. Consumer Res. The results should help online businesses gain an understanding of these factors and thus direct their efforts to develop features that satisfy the needs of their target customers and alter their business model to promote factors that have a positive influence on consumer adoption of online shopping. Factors Channel Continues to Gather Steam. Consumers have started caring about where they would like to shop, be it multi brand outlet, exclusive stores or malls with development around them Comparative Study on Shopping Malls but are also more demanding. Hedonic behaviours are resulted from problem.

Now this decision is absolutely subjective as certain parameters: consumer choice varies from person to person. Notable among these is Gurgaon, a upcoming city near NCR.

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A Comparative Study of Shopping Mall