Comparing and contrasting langston hughes the

Langston hughes poems compare and contrast

While Hughes shapes his work around a general idea that fits the archetypal African American, Cullen works from specific personal experiences. The poem was written after the Civil War. Hughes, takes on a serious tone and the poem is more formal. Time has passed when he wrote this poem according too, the places and events he has seen with Abe Lincoln and slavery. His tone is surprisingly joyful, hopeful and confident. They came to America for an opportunity not for slavery. It has the ability to offer hope from a painful experience and is something that a person can identify with; almost as if the poet and the reader become one. Unlike the first poem, "I" is used here to connote strength and singularity. In both poems, he expresses how in both situations he had obstacles to over come and how the world can come to a change. His works were politically fueled and contained powerful messages that related to the everyday struggle and hardship faced by the African American population.

He had both strong and positive words to express in both poems. Cullen utilizes a similar approach. Study Notes, LLC. Art to Oceola, with its profit, convenience and privileges offers an array of benefits, but being embodied in Dora Ellsworth, the art seems to drift away from life's vitality According to Amy p.

Langston Hughes, a world-renowned African American poet and self-professed defender of African American heritage, boldly defies the stereotypical and accepted form of poetry at his own discretion Because he speaks for and to the general African American, Hughes offers solidarity to an entire community suffering from discrimination.

Hughes makes use of black English vernacular, writing the way that the archetypal black man sounds when he speaks.

langston hughes poems

While the theme of both poems is centered on perseverance, Hughes skillfully uses figurative language, tone, and form and structure differently in each poem to depict the same message Click the button to proceed!

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Langston Hughes and Walt Whitman Essay Example