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Compare and contrast about apples and oranges Essay Compare and contrast about apples and oranges Essay Apples and oranges is an healthy fruit as we known on our daily life.

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If it is viewed closely, small brown spots can be seen scattered on the outer surface of the apple Knox They are used for cooking like, making pies, cookies, and other foods. The orange-colored skin has a glossy appearance and a waxy feel.

apples and oranges comparison

Apples just like oranges are a great source for fiber, which is important for controlling blood sugar levels and colon health.

Apples appear In many religious traditions and text, often as a mystical forbidden fruit in reference to; the Garden of Eden. Apples are intrigue inning, in the sense that unlike oranges, the apple has quite extensive historical and biblical connotations to it.

They are grown in hot temperatures.

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Hurry up! Apples have a thin eel with a usually crunchy interior, on the other hands oranges have thicker peels and a soft flesh. Overall it is clear that these fruits are both amazing in their own right. He finds that apples and oranges are available. Therefore, apples and oranges does have a lot of differences such as An argumentative subject about apples and oranges Is that some people say that apples are sweeter than oranges. The apple is quite firm, but if too much pressure is applied to its surface, a dent occurs, causing a bruise on the fruit. It almost does not need to be said that the benefits of both fruits are truly amazing, as they achieve more in some ways than most drugs in modern medicine ever will. This is a question many people and professionals ask themselves constantly. Apples are good fiber and are healthy for you. Not to mention that fruit in general provides individuals with healthy doses of fiber, unprocessed sugar, and energy. It has a smooth and shiny. The bottom has tiny, fuzzy triangular leaves stemming from the middle. They are grown in hot temperatures. The major nutritional difference between the two fruits can be found in the vitamins they are composed of.

Orange juice Is really well with breakfast.

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A Comparison of Apples and Oranges