Commercialization and westernization of india

Food security therefore is dependent on the seed security of farming communities. Westernization helped people to become self-independent, helped in empowering the women in India and also made people aware of the unscientific beliefs or superstitions and made them to think scientific.

The game of marks and percentage is creating all the fuss.

effects of westernization

In as much as Nipponization worked for Japan and the uncharacteristic embrace of capitalism did for the Chinese we need to marry a pragmatic economics with our need for old social structures.

Until November as President Business Head of Nirmal Seeds in India, Ashish was responsible for leading a team of professionals with a special focus on developing the company in the global market with a thrust on East Africa. Being an Indian, I am not boasting of Indian culture but it was admired and respected by non-Indians!

negative impact of tourism in india

This is a short article on Impact of Westernization in India. As one of the oldest nations in the sense of tradition and culture, India has been a land of sages, saints and various renowned scholars.

The objective each time was to ensure that Japan became so powerful and wealthy that its independence would never again be threatened.

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Short article on Impact of Westernization in India