Coltan war of the drc

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Then the local strongman will take his cut. More recently, an estimated women were raped in a rebel attack near the mining town of Walikale in North Kivu province, east DRC, between July 30 and August 2, Many sources mention coltan's importance in the production of mobile phonesbut tantalum capacitors are used in almost every kind of electronic device.

In this chain, corporations do not have any effective policies for distinguishing "clean" and "dirty" Coltan, said Herman. These parties then sell it to other buyers around the globe until it is finally used in the manufacturing of the final product Mantz,p.

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Today, coltan has impacted the global economy in two primary ways: first it acts as a vital component for technology and it provides opportunities for future research and technological innovation.

In an age where owning technology is not only normal but also necessary, the need for compact yet efficient, accessible yet low cost technology is, in a sense, indispensable.

Coltan war of the drc

In our pockets we carry a sample of what they risk their lives for: a small bag of green powder called manganese, a gold nugget and small dark rocks called columbite and tantalite but better known as coltan, the material the dark heart of this mountain is made of. Despite the statistics, Mitifu said rape "is not a part of the Congolese culture" but is a result of the war. The mines in these nature reserves were producing cassiterite , gold, coltan and wolframite , and "most mines were controlled by armed groups. Coltan has permitted the Rwandan army to sustain its presence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Then he produces a sample of black powder from his pocket for us to check the purity of the ore. Photo : In this makeshift refugee camp in Mugunga, 10 kilometers from Goma in North Kivu, tens of thousands remain displaced by ongoing conflict in eastern DRC. A UN panel studied the eastern Congo for months before releasing a remarkably sharp condemnation of the ongoing military occupation of eastern Congo by Ugandan, Rwandan, and other foreign military forces, as well as the many bands of Congolese rebels fighting with one another. Around 80 percent of the world's supply resides under Congolese soil. The war in the DRC has reached a level of complexity to the point that it has been renamed the "African World War," having involved eight African nations and 25 rebel groups and caused the highest death toll since World War II.

After all, if there is an industry that prospers in Goma, it is death. As a result, major donors such as the Netherlands and Sweden decided to freeze their aid to the Rwandan government.

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These have made money which is shared with the army, which in turn continues to provide the enabling environment to continue the exploitation.

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Coltan, Cell Phones, and Conflict: The War Economy of the DRC