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The second letter should come from one of your teachers who can address your strengths as a student in the classroom; this recommender should most likely be a teacher from one of your core subject areas, in your junior or senior year. For example, if you wish to dedicate your career to research in the sciences, weave in how studying integrated sciences at an accelerated level would allow you to hone in on the specific sub-filed or application of science that truly attract and motivate you.

The structure and purpose of this essay are fairly straightforward — you want to explain what sparked your self-driven interest in both science and mathematics, and while doing so, convey your passion in both of these fields.

northwestern supplemental essays 2020

Perhaps during a research project in biology, you had to apply your knowledge of how chemicals react to determine the effects on the human body if one ingests those chemicals together.

But we also want to consider how Northwestern will contribute to your interests and goals. Once your application has been submitted, we will email a personalized link with instructions on how to access the Applicant Status Portal, which can be used to monitor the progress of your application.

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However, subject tests may be from topics outside of your potential major. Therefore, you hope to bring this privilege of having more avenues and options in the way we consume information to more people from more strata of society. Wondering what that would be?

It is in your best interest that each letter provides new or different information about you. Include some specific graduate programs that you may be interested in to demonstrate the sincerity of your intentions. Letters of recommendation TIP: Letters of recommendation should be from individuals who can best speak to the range of your strengths and abilities.

Applicants are not obligated to report scores from all test dates, though are welcome to do so. Prompt 3: Please discuss briefly your educational and career goals.

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How to Write the Northwestern Supplement