Black economic empowerment

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Accordingly, one should not simply focus on a BEE score but, rather, the interplay between the level of Black ownership, BEE score, and commercial attractiveness to customers. Fair Trade represents the lofty ambition of the alternative globalisation agenda.

And with the inclusion of Rooibos as a product variety in Fair Trade, the market flushed with produce from large estates complying with BBBEE standards. See Using Brand South Africa material.

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Why does a company need a BEE rating? Based on public and stakeholder comments, the final codes were adjusted and gazetted. The history of South Africa has resulted in an economic and opportunities disparity based on race and has resulted in many Black people in South Africa not enjoying the same opportunities and so being substantively equal to the remainder of South Africa.

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The certification of their tea as Fair Trade overlapped with an increasing global demand for Rooibos.

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Black Economic Empowerment