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It was declared on April 6. Berlin's top espionage agent, debonnaire Franz Rintelen von Kleist was spending millions to finance sabotage in Canada, stir up trouble between the United States and Mexico and to incite labor strikes.

We always professed unselfish purpose and we covet the opportunity to prove our professions are sincere.

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Socialist rhetoric declared the European conflict to be "an imperialist war". After the United States' entry, Insull directed the Illinois State Council of Defense, with responsibility for organizing the state's mobilization. According to biographer August Heckscher , Wilson's friendship with Peck became the topic of frank discussion between Wilson and his wife. Belgium kept the public's sympathy as the Germans executed civilians, [] and English nurse Edith Cavell. However, the Act was suspended until the war ended. They have affected the life of the whole world. To emphasize the development of expertise, Wilson instituted academic departments and a system of core requirements.

We have been deeply wronged upon the seas, but we have not wished to wrong or injure in return; have retained throughout the consciousness of standing in some sort apart, intent upon an interest that transcended the immediate issues of the war itself.

We can bottle her up and destroy every ship that endeavors to break the blockade". By the same public felt just as strongly that going to war was both necessary and wise.

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Tommy's mother nursed wounded soldiers during the conflict. Germany knew this decision meant war with the United States, but they gambled that they could win before America's potential strength could be mobilized. For Cravath, in his mid-fifties when the war began, the conflict served as an epiphany, sparking an interest in international affairs that dominated his remaining career. Instead, Germany used submarines to lie in wait for, and then sink, merchant ships heading for enemy ports. Others were pacifists , who objected on moral grounds. Du Bois called on African-Americans to "fight shoulder to shoulder with the world to gain a world where war shall be no more". The National Guard on the other hand was securely rooted in state and local politics, with representation from a very broad cross section of American society. Students were to meet in groups of six under the guidance of teaching assistants known as preceptors. His position probably was critical in winning the Western states. To emphasize the development of expertise, Wilson instituted academic departments and a system of core requirements.

Wilson historians have not conclusively established there was an affair; but Wilson did on one occasion write a musing in shorthand—on the reverse side of a draft for an editorial: "my precious one, my beloved Mary. Chosen for his compliance, Benson proved a wily bureaucrat who was more interested in preparing for an eventual showdown with Britain than an immediate one with Germany.

A recruiter in Indianapolis noted that, "The people here do not take the right attitude towards army life as a career, and if a man joins from here he often tries to go out on the quiet".

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More subtly, the Democrats were rooted in localism that appreciated the National Guard, and the voters were hostile to the rich and powerful in the first place. Living in the South and witnessing the ravages of the Civil War up close, Reverend Wilson, a Northern transplant, adopted the Confederate cause. Daniels, as a newspaperman, knew the value of publicity. Advocates retorted that military "service" was an essential duty of citizenship, and that without the commonality provided by such service the nation would splinter into antagonistic ethnic groups. The Guard was one of the nation's few institutions that in some northern states accepted blacks on an equal footing. The United States insisted on maintaining the traditional rights of ships registered in neutral countries and protested strongly against American ships being intercepted or sunk: the British seized American ships for supposed violations, while the Germans sank them — often without warning, in violation of international law that said sailors must be allowed an opportunity to reach their lifeboats. After World War II, the arsenals and Navy yards were much less important than giant civilian aircraft and electronics firms, which became the second half of the " military-industrial complex " Peace leaders like Jane Addams of Hull House and David Starr Jordan of Stanford redoubled their efforts, and now turned their voices against the president because he was "sowing the seeds of militarism, raising up a military and naval caste".
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